Meetup Recap: How to Use Loyalty to Boost LTV. Advice from Three Experts.

Meetup Recap: How to Use Loyalty to Boost LTV. Advice from Three Experts.

On a warm Tuesday evening, in New York City, more than sixty mobile marketing thought leaders, practitioners and experts got together to trade ideas. The event was FollowAnalytics’ first Mobile Marketing Automation and Engagement Meetup. The topic was, “Loyalty in Mobile: How to Boost User Lifetime Value.”

The night started out with dinner and drinks as people gathered to get to know each other. Next, people took their seats and listened as our panelists began their presentations.

The first speaker was Adam Hadi. Adam is a performance marketing consultant and user acquisition expert that who comes from and Topps Digital. You wouldn’t think an acquisition expert would have a lot to say about loyalty, but Adam’s premise was sound. If you want to keep your users, you need to pick the right ones to begin with. Target wisely, he warned, or your acquisition costs are wasted. Adam continued by providing advice on how and where to acquire the users that will ultimately stick with your brand and be loyal advocates.

Next, Ray Beharry, Head of Marketing at Pollfish and adjunct faculty member at New York University, took the stage. Ray explained that the single biggest threat to mobile marketing is mobile marketing. Practitioners compelled to create content for the very sake of creating content flood our devices with “garbage nobody cares about.” You must provide value if you expect your users to listen and stick around.

Ray put the onus on the marketer to acquire users that contribute more than they cost to acquire and discussed different approaches to loyalty programs that would accomplish that goal. He finished with a four-step process to achieving customer loyalty.

  1. Know your customers and how they search.
  2. Design a loyalty program with their needs in mind.
  3. Communicate regularly via different channels.
  4. Make it easy to purchase and connect.

The final speaker was Roxanne Ong, who has headed up mobile strategy for brands like General Assembly, Hailo, Ogilvy & Mather and Estée Lauder. Her talk was on three strategic cornerstones to strong engagement which, in-turn, create loyalty.

First was “How well do you know me?” In the age of big data, we have so much information on our users, we need to be using it to anticipate the needs and intents of our audience. Next, she asks, “What is the role of each messaging channel?” Don’t be tempted to blast the same content across every touch point. Customers interact with them differently. Finally, and most importantly, Roxanne urged us to take the time to plot all this into a customer journey map. You cannot have a cohesive messaging strategy if you skip this Marketing 101 step!

After Roxanne’s presentation, our moderator, Mark Arabatzis–a mobile engagement veteran, himself–started a lively discussion between the panelists. Audience members participated by asking their own questions, and we broke for more networking and to finish off the pizza.

Slides from the evening can be found below. To be notified about upcoming similar events, join our Meetup Group.